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October 26, 2008

Jennifer Hudson offers $100,000 reward for safe return of missing nephew

Jennifer Hudson and her family offered a $100,000 reward Sunday for the safe return of her missing nephew, as investigators looked for forensic evidence near the home where her mother and brother were found shot to death.

Mourners dressed in their Sunday best milled outside the childhood home of the singer and Oscar-winning actress, along with investigators seeking clues to the whereabouts of seven-year-old Julian King, the son of Jennifer Hudson's sister, Julia.
In a statement Sunday evening from publicist Lisa Kasteler, Jennifer Hudson appealed to the public for its help, offering the reward and asking that any information be given to Chicago police.

"Jennifer and her family appreciate the enormous amount of love, support and prayers they have received while she and her family try to cope with this tragedy and continue the search for Julian," the statement said.
Chicago police ramped up search efforts for Julian around the Englewood neighbourhood where Hudson grew up, and transferred custody of a "person of interest" in the killings to state authorities.

"Detectives are working 24 hours on this case," said Chicago police spokeswoman Monique Bond. "There's a lot of forensic evidence. We have to work the evidence and try and solve this case.
"Most importantly, we want to find the child." Continue reading


kay* said...

when i heard about this on friday evening - it really hit me. so sad. it just shows you that tomorrow is not promised is it? things can be going so well and then - at the drop of a dime, everything changes. so sad. really made me stop and think...

Ebony Intuition said...

It really does make you stop and think and not take things for granted.


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