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October 28, 2008

Herbs That Heal

Female druggists squeeze animal skin filled with herbs. Egyptians used this method in making herbal medicine.

GOLDEN SEAL ROOT- This kills many disease causing organisms e.g. bacteria, yeasts, fungi and parasites and also helps to boost the immune system by toning the blood and enhancing spleen activity. Golden seal helps everything from cystitis to respiratory infections.

RED RASPBERRY- Connected to female health, including pregnancy.

DADELION- To treat liver, gallbladder, kidney and joint problems.

PRIMROSE OIL (EVENING)- It helps achieving desired blood pressure readings and helps maintain a healthy circulatory system.

DONG QUAI (ANGELICA SINESIS)- This is known as the female ginseng. It is used during the menstrual cycle.

ASTRAGALUS- Primary herb for strengthening the immune system, and helping the body to maintain it's health.

1 comment:

Amina said...

great post!
I am so into herbs!!
i loove doing herbal rinses for my hair


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