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August 1, 2008

Ludacris and Obama at odds over controversial song

Ludacris's new song, "Politics as Usual," may have cost him one of his biggest fans, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama.
And for good reason: It points up the dilemma facing the nation's potential first black president, who wants the support of the influential hip-hop community but needs to steer clear of the controversy so commonly associated with its music.
Ludacris's "Politics as Usual" alludes to an imminent victory for Obama by handing out major put-downs to his rivals. It dismisses Hillary Rodham Clinton as a vice presidential candidate - "that (expletive) is irrelevant"-and says presumed Republican nominee John McCain doesn't belong in "any chair unless he's paralyzed."
Obama, usually a Ludacris fan, was quick to distance himself Thursday. source

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