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August 28, 2008

Back from Barbados

My mom and I @ Miami Beach , Barbados

I'm back from my vacation and had a wonderful time in Barbados . The country , the people and the culture is so beautiful, and i'm very proud to be BAJAN. I visited family that I haven't seen in over 5-10 years or so, I ate a roti every other day and fish cakes (my fav). I visited the Barbados Historical Museum which was amazing and filled with tons of vital information, I also visited the Bussa Emancipation statue and the Mount Gay Rum Distilleries.

My future goal is to visit my mom and dad's homeland more often and to also buy land and build a future home . The houses are very beautiful down there !!!


Glennisha said...

I'd love to visit there.

Wes said...

Beautiful!!! Glad you had a great time- I know you didnt want to come back, lol

Ebony Intuition said...

Nope I wanted to stay much longer


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