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August 5, 2008

Articles to check out!!!

Where have all the fathers gone? by A.L.I.E.N.S

Perhaps we should be honest in saying that, perhaps, they were never really there?
Perhaps we should take an HONEST, straight forward, bold, hold-no-prisoners look at our fathers without the excuses. Not to love them any less, but just to know what it feels like to answer that question.
We are taught to immortalize, romanticize, and idolize our male parent. For every one child that question's "why is daddy here less than mommy?" there are a million children being taught that mommy is at fault for driving daddy away. Continue reading click here

The legacy of slavery: The cost of Generational trauma: by Harriets Daughter

I grew up in a big city in the Midwestern U.S. The neighborhood that I grew up in was a new development of small bungalows going up in a previously wooded, area, so there were woods to play in all around us, but we were really in the city. It was a very attractive place for those who were buying – young black couples who were recently migrated from the south. My parents both had had rural upbringings in the south, as did most everyone I knew in my neighborhood. We grew up knowing “down home” meant the places our parents, many of them with their southern accents, sayings and folkways intact, had come from. Continue reading click here

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