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March 12, 2010

Queen Latifah and Common "Just Wright"

Just Wright is a romantic comedy coming to theatres May 14th.  The film is directed by Sanaa Hamri and stars Queen Latifah who plays a physical therapist  that falls inlove with an injured pro basketball player played by Common.  Paula Patton, Pam Grier, Phylicia Rashad,Michael Landes & Laz Alonso are also in the film.  Can't wait Check out the trailer above.


Radical Selfie said...

Thanks for hipping us to this. Latifah and Common are two of our gems, and I support them whenever I can.

Anonymous said...

I must see this film. Common is my future husband. He he.

FJG said...

I didn't even know Latifah had a new movie coming out. I'll have to see it with my wife.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

@ Excumama- No problem

@ Adrienne- lol

@ FJG- I didn't know either until last night I don't think it's been promoted much because I go to the movies every weekend and didn't see the preview.

Samantha Clarke said...

I can't wait to see this! Common is looking extra different and Queen looks fabulous!


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