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March 19, 2010

Janelle Monae Talks With Vogue

Love the headwrap and her suit.

Janelle Monae featured in Vogue was interviewed by Mark Holgate and photographed by Steven Klein. 

"Somewhere in Atlanta, in a mid-century bungalow on a leafy lane, Janelle Monáe has only one thing on her mind: What should the well-dressed twenty-eighth-century Alpha Platinum 9000 android be wearing these days? The 24-year-old singer with the soulful voice that has the sweet tone of an earlier era needs to know because this android is her futuristic avatar Cindi Mayweather, the inspiration (and cover star) for Monáe's debut album, The Arch Android. It's not as if Monáe can just drive on over to Jeffrey at Phipps Plaza on Peachtree Road and find something that says, "This is so 2710."  Read full article


Lola Re said...

I love her, she's so pretty! Her music is good too. :o)

Lola Re

Fly Girl said...

I love Janelle's style, it reminds me of Fishbone's with a very ska vibe.


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