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February 21, 2008

Ten Commandments for Being a Black Man.

1. Always say "I do" to a Black woman.

2. Take care of your offspring.

3. Always love and respect your Black people - educate yourself on your Black history.

4. Attend an HBCU & get a degree.

5. Take care of your Mother & Father when they get older.

6. Have safe sex at all times.

7. Never act differently around other folks than you would around your own people. Be yourself at all times.

8. Never disrespect a Black woman (take Bitches & Hoes out of your terminology).

9. Never enlist into the U.S Army.

10. Never sell or buy drugs.

1 comment:

R Forde said...

I think take care of your offspring should be number one. Never sell drugs 2. Then treat all black woman with respect. The army thing is funny... but true. Why fight for a country that wont fight for you?


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