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February 18, 2008

On This Day in Our History Feb 18/08

The first formal antislavery resolution was passed by the Quakers of Germantown, PA, on this date in 1688. The Society of Friends said slavery was in opposition to Christianity and human rights.

Paul Revere Williams, NAACP Spingarn Medal recipient and architect who designed the Hollywood YMCA and fabulous homes for celebrities, was born in Los Angeles, CA, on this date in 1894.

Toni Morrison, writer and the first Black woman to be awarded the "Nobel Prize in Literature," was born in Lorian, OH, on this date in 1931. Morrison received the "Pulitzer Prize" for her book, Beloved, in 1988.

The African nation of Gambia gained its independence on this date in 1965 with David K. Jawara as its Prime Minister. Gambia had remained the last British colony in West Africa.

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