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February 14, 2008


The Black Man's Relationship Pledge to Black Women is a list of values, principles actions, mindsets that we Black males must have in order to evolve into Black Men particularly in dealing with our sisters. This is to build healthy relationships with our Black sistas and functional complete Black families, or to simply build healthy interactions with any sista.
-- I will have integrity in every dealing with my Black sistas and not lie about anything.
-- I will not physically abuse any sista in anyway. Also I will not mentally or emotionally abuse my Black woman.
-- I will respect and revere Black womanhood and never call sisters "bitch", "ho" or any vulgar name.
-- I will value the children of my Black woman and treat them with love, respect, nurturing and be a positive role model for any child of a sister.
-- I will not brutally or harshly correct my Black woman and disrespect her intelligence. If she needs it, I will be a comforting and patient teacher and or healer.
-- I will do everything I need to enhance and improve the spiritual, physical and mental health of me and my Black woman.
-- I am heterosexual....VERY heterosexual, down low, up high and all around.
-- I will not talk shit about my Black woman behind her back, tearing her down to other people then smiling to her face. I will also not disrespect my Black woman in public nor in private.
-- I will not run from the responsibilities of raising OUR child if my Black woman becomes pregnant by me.
-- I will protect Black women from the evils of this world. I AM NOT a knight in shining armor, I am the powerful Kemetic God HeruKhuti and I will smash and burn any and everything that threatens the life of my Black woman. However, I will use discretion and reasoning when dealing out ass whoopings and destruction. I will also not put my Black woman in any danger.
-- I will not hide my feelings from my Black woman, I will communicate properly and intelligibly in order to bring about an understanding between us. A healthy expression of emotion is not a sign of weakness in a man.
-- I will not undermine or underestimate the worth and essence of the Black woman. I will eradicate any and all forms of sexism, chauvanism and mysogyny within me. Thus I will listen to my Black woman when she has something to say and I will not have any problem at all with my (or any) Black woman taking the lead in whatever she needs to take the lead in.
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