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February 27, 2008

Attention Oprah Store Shoppers!

Just like Disney and NBC before her, Oprah is opening up her own store for Oprah-themed merchandise. It's going to be in Chicago, naturally, adjacent to Harpo Studios where she currently films her show.

The store is supposed to draw the Oprah audiences inside after they view a taping, but it will inevitably become a draw for just about anyone as Oprah is both the Queen of the World and the High Empress of Chicago.

Items available in the store will be pretty much the same stuff you can find in the Oprah Boutique on her website, such as the Oprah iPod cover, African crafts, clothing, DVDs, and the baby gear. It would actually be neat if the store would also feature some of her "favorite things" that she lists in each edition of her magazine.

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