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February 18, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Brother Planning “Slavery Theme Park” WTF??

"Michael Jackson's brother has come under fire for plans to invest in a £2.4 billion plan to build a luxury resort and slavery theme park in Badagry, Nigeria, a historic port town that was the last departure point for thousands of slaves leaving Africa at the height of the transatlantic trade in humans."

OK how do I say this without offending anybody. Yes slavery was a very very painful part of our history but to make a "slavery theme park" you have to be kidding me.

"But some historians have condemned the project, which would include a theme park with a slave ship replica, along with casinos, shops, a golf course and condominiums."

Would anyone really want to put their kids on a slave ship replica ??? Um no. £2.4 billion is a lot of money which to me can be put towards better use.

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Divalocity said...

Good Morning! I thought Marlon Jackson was broke? First he and other investors started this Gospel/Family Channel and it failed, now this?

I'm for investment in Africa and in other parts of the world but this is not a good idea for tourism.

If he wants to build resorts such as those in South Africa, I don't think they have an apartheid theme do they? So why would he dishonor the ancestors like this?

Marlon may be a little crazy. It really seems as if it will really be some shrine to the Jackson Five only. If he could use Michaels name he probably would have named it Neverland II but I’m sure Michael objected because it’s said they are not close. I must blog about this one, thank you.

Ebony Intuition said...

Exactly im for investing in Africa too, but this just ain't right.

Dwana said...

Even if this was only a publicity stunt it's disgusting. Why not stop at a museum with wax figures. How exacting is he trying to depict the horrific historic time?
Make slavery fun, huh? Yeah, soooo the young white children (some black since there are some ignorant folk out there) will see "how fun" slavery was?
The thought alone was of poor taste and CANNOT find any justification in it at all.
Seriously Marlon?

Fly Girl said...

This has been an incredulous Facebook discussion for the last two days. My first thought was, the Jackson family are notoriously disconnected from their African roots, a Nigerian theme park with a slavery focus is simply exploitive. It's something you'd expect Europeans to do.

RainaHavock said...

All I can say is what the french? Anyway at my school we're suppose to go to the black archives and journey like Slaves would do on the underground railroad. That should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

we just need to keep all them jackson's in our prayers...SMH

Ebony Intuition said...

"simply exploitive"

Yes exploitive


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