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February 10, 2009

54 Kingdoms Identity Through Fashion

Abstract Mask (Above)
Masks are prominent signs in most cultures especially within the African / Afrikan and West Indian cultures. Keep people staring with this abstract image of a mask.

Educate others in your environment who truly do not understand your PROUD, RICH, and HISTORIC culture about myths and realities. There are several misconceptions plaguing us today, and will continue to do so until we do our part to bring light to misconceptions and beliefs.

"54 Kingdoms as our motto states really is "identity through fashion." What do we mean by this? Simple. Our main goal is empowering individuals who uphold & recognize their Afrikan / African ancestry and culture. We believe in the power and identity of the all individuals and their country of birth. Most importantly, we believe in the coalition of all 54 Afrikan/ African countries and our brothers and sisters across the oceans, may it be in the West Indies, Americas, Europe, Asia, etc."

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