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February 28, 2009

Jennifer Hudson on Oprah


Fly Girl said...

Hey Ms. private virgo, I have to leave the hotel info here because you don't have e-mail info anywhere:
*Hotel Lacompostelle in Marais is the cheapest and cleanest place suggested by an expat in France. it's at 31 Rue Roi de Sicile and she says only get a courtyard room because streetside is too noisy. She also says to check out
*Hotel DuQuai Voltaire was suggested by a Canadian friend. It's not far from the Lourve or Musee d-Orsey. She says most hotels don't have elevators if stairs are a problem. She says you can contact her at if you have questions.
*Hotel Marignan, 22 rue Sommerand 5th,, is simple and clean with no TV but the staff is English and American so you don't need to speak French. It's 5 minutes from Notre Dame.

I didn't know what price range or amenities you were looking for so I just asked for the most economical places that were clean and safe and in the center of things. Most of these suggestions are 2 star hotels that provide just the basics. If you or your mom need more luxury, send Jill an e-mail and I'm sure she'll have more suggestions.

Ebony Intuition said...

Thanks for the info Fly girl, my email address is on the side of my blog maybe I should make it more visible.

Anonymous said...

Ha! My co-worker had wanted to take her lunch at 4 oclock on Friday or whatever day this came on so she could see this. She ended up forgetting. I'm gonna forward her this link.

Ebony Intuition said...

@ Glennisha



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