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February 14, 2009

Eva & Lance in Rolling Out Magazine

Lance Gross and Eva Pigford are on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine.
The Couple on their relationship:

Communication is very important for us,” Gross says. “I think that’s why we mesh so well, because we communicate with each other. If it’s something that I don’t like, I let her know, if it’s something that she doesn’t like, she lets me know and we compromise. You’ve got to have communication in your relationship , That’s number one.”


Rocky said...

Now that's a good looking couple. Great pics.

glennishamorgan said...

They look nice together

Kwana said...

I agree. They look great.

Anonymous said...

Eva that was really, really nice what you wrote about Lance and can u match my ( ) I will never forget those words, when I read them, I just melted.


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