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February 27, 2009

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2009 & Carnival in Trinidad 2009

source: corbis

source: corbis and trinisoca

Here are the pictures from Carnival in Rio De Janerio Brazil Feb 20-Feb 24 2009 and Trinidad and Tobago. Click here to learn the history of Carnival in Rio De Janerio. Click here to learn the history of Carnival in Trinidad.


Divalocity said...

The Samba Schools in Brazil have the best costumes when they compete during Carnivale.

I wanted to highlight the Carnivales of Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador but most of the pictures on the web were of the more scantly clad black women.

In Panama we went all out during Carnavale just like they do here Louisiana. When I lived in Germany I never went to any of their Fasching Carnivales

Ebony Intuition said...

Yes I agree the Samba schools have amazing costumes. I would love to play in Rio one day. I might play mass this year in Toronto.

Black girl with long hair said...

ok... i know this is totally unrelated to the post, but i saw that you did a shout out of my blog and i didn't even know it!

thank you so much!!!!

Ebony Intuition said...

Your welcome..

Fly Girl said...

Sigh. This makes me so sad that it's all over and I wasn't in Brazil (Salvador, not Rio is where you want be for carnival), Trinidad or New orleans to experience it. Maybe next year.

Ebony Intuition said...

I really hope I can go to carnival one day, my first choice will be Brazil..


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