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February 12, 2009

Meci African Explorer

According to the writings of Sahagun, a Spanish Monk, who studied and translated the works of the Maya Indians of Mexico, ancient Africans arrived in Mexico thousands of years ago from the Atlantic region. They were led by a Black African, called Meci, who led a fleet of eight ships. Meci is said to have established African language, religion and culture in Mexico and settled the southern region of Mexico between the Yucatan and Mexico City.


Divalocity said...

I believe it and I have read that before. When you look at a figurine for the Kahlúa label you'll noticed that the statue has braided hair. And the first time that I saw it I immediately thought it to be African.

Ebony Intuition said...

Indeed, we have a deep and hidden history here in the America's and Caribbean Island that most don't know. All prior to slavery taking place.

Una Persona said...

Nice blog. Very Informative posts.

This one in particular is very interesting. I never heard this before. Will make a point to read more. I took an African History class in University. It was very interesting, but unfortunately, as I was a science major, I didn't have the time to fit in any more than that one class.

jenteel said...

i have something about this that i will post soon. many have no clue about our history.

love what you're doing here on your blog....


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