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April 6, 2010

Victoria's Secret Finally Coming to Canada !!

Jeneil Williams picture above

Victoria's Secret's has finally expanded their brand into Canada.  I don't know what took them so long.  Vaughn Mills mall already has a store opened Pink by Victoria Secrets.  Victoria's Secret store locations will soon be coming to Square One Shopping Mall in Mississauga, Scarborough Town Centre in Scarborough,  Yorkdale Mall in Downsview.  I don't see a store listed for Eaton Centre but will update if they do get one.

No more border crossing or having to order online and pay shipping and handling fees.  If you haven't seen the new Nakeds Collection by Victoria's Secret Click here to view, the commercial features Chanel Iman.



You've got to be kidding?! I thought VS has always been in Canada! Learn something new everyday!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

No this is not a joke we never had VS. So i'm happy it's finally coming here.

ciaa said...

I have been waiting for This for a while . I visited the vaugh mills mall before and pink is not enough . Thanks for the news girl

Anonymous said...

Thats great that they are finally coming to Canada, it's about time. What are the chances that they will come over to Calgary hmmm, I guess we will see

Beauty Is Diverse said...

@Ciaa- np

@Nicki- I guess they'll wait to see how stores do in Ontario first then expand across the country.


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