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April 25, 2010

Kua Designs

Kua Designs is an accessories line with very creative purses and jewelry.  The name "KUA" is the designers mothers name which embodies all the things her mother stands for unadulterated beauty, simplicity and cultural grounding.  Kua also stands for  "Keeping Us Authentic ". 

Click here to shop.

Click here to view Kua Designs website.

Click here to join their facebook fanpage.

via {africastyledaily}


Divalocity said...

I was just on her site and another African inspired accessories brand yesterday. My daughter just received her fabric from Vlisco so that I can get our summer fashions completed for the Essence Music Festival. Will you becoming down to New Orleans for the festival?

Beauty Is Diverse said...

I really want to come to the festival but not this year, hopefully next year.

Hope Chella said...

Gorgeous accessories! Thanks for sharing!!!

Hope :) xx

Fly Girl said...

These are absoulutely fabulous! Going over to the website right now.


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