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November 17, 2009

Louisiana Creole

Louisiana Creole refers to people of various racial backgrounds who are descended from the colonial French settlers, African-Americans, and Native Americans from the time before the Louisiana territory became a possession of the United States through the Louisiana Purchase(1803).

In present Louisiana, Créole generally means a person or people of mixed colonial French, African American, and Native American ancestry. Some may not have every ethnic heritage and some have additional ancestries. Read more here


Fly Girl said...

Include me in your list! My mother's family are Lousiana Creole, we have lots of food, music and religious traditions that have been passed down from the Creole culture.

Tiffany,Ebony Intuition said...

Oh cool.

RainaHavock said...

You can also include me as well. My father's family is Creoles of New Orleans.

Coretta said...

Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the the house! Desiree is my hero!


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