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November 10, 2009

Ellen Covers O Magazine

"Ellen DeGeneres is a woman who can make things happen. When she decided she wanted to be on the cover of O, she pulled out all the stops (just look at her creative concepts here). It worked—for only the second time in O history, this December, I'm sharing the cover with a woman I adore." — Oprah

Updated:Nov 10 2009


Divalocity said...

The covers are beautiful! I greatly admire both women and I've got my fingers crossed that mine will come in the mail today.

Betty said...

I also adore Opra!!!!
Just found you in comments section of another blog.
Love your blog.
I am following.
Have a great weekend!
Hope you visit my blog:)

bryna said...

what a great team!


I love Ellen so much ;)
Come to see a video of Jimmy Choo for H&M and Philippe Starck interiors ;)


Ms. Wooden Shoes said...

Great cover. And like they say, a picture is worth a thousand more. Read more on my blog

Anonymous said...

Those pics are funny! Lol

I love them both. :)

Anonymous said...

Love Oprah and Ellen. They look great.


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