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March 10, 2009

Pride Magazine

The Pride woman is very aware of her cultural background and eager to retain and promote her identity. However, she is also fully integrated within the British cultural society.The Pride woman is a well-educated, ambitious go-getter who has overcome the carelessness of her flirty freedom years. More than 50% of Pride readers have completed a degree. She is focused and responsible. Striving to be the best in both her personal and career life, she is now more confident and cultured. She is aware of her attributes and has learned to use them well. She is opinionated but always open to new ideas. Continue reading here


RainaHavock said...

Can we please import some of these kind of magazines over here please! Personally I'm sick of Essence and the others.

Fly Girl said...

I agree with Raina! We need more mags like Pride here.

Ebony Intuition said...

True indeed.


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