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March 9, 2009

Innovation ... women wanted now !!

Women are embracing new technologies, connecting up, enjoying the advancements of modern science. But how much do women really drive and develop such innovations?The world is experiencing a global skills shortage. Iindications are that this will continue year on year and the areas of science, engineering and technology will be most hard hit by the talent crunch caused by a lack of people skilled in these areas. A shortage of over 300,000 Information, Communicatiaon and Technology qualified staff is expected by 2010 in the EU alone.

To make matters worse, women are significantly under-represented in these areas and yet these are the very industry sectors of considerable growth and innovation. Organisations and academia in these fields are hubs of innovation where creative solutions, products and services are constantly being invented to solve the every day complex needs of business, governments and society. More women are needed to contribute to the design and develpoment of tomorrow's technologies and communication networks.

So why is it that so many females at a young age do not choose science, engineering or technology as their vocational area? The skills, knowledge and mindsets of scientists, engineers and technologists are hugely transportable across many sectors. These are well paid and respected professions. They require expert creativity, analysis, strategy and innovation - exciting elements for anyone's career. Continue reading here

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