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March 17, 2009

I Can Spend all Day in Harrods

Outside of Harrods.
Moi holding a bag, I would like to own.

"The opulent Egyptian-style clothing department at Harrods, London. Many places in the store's interior have an Ancient Egyptian theme, to reflect the owner's heritage. Fayed has had the decor listed so it can never be removed or altered."

A London design student won a contest to have their work displayed in the Harrods window.


Divalocity said...

I'd go ga ga at Harrods myself. Were you able to visit any of the Printemps stores while you were in Paris or visit any of the other stores throughout France?

Let us know of the latest looks coming from London and France because they set the fashion standards before anyone else, including New York.

Ebony Intuition said...

I went through this Gallery Mall in Paris that had all of the designer shops inside.

I saw the cutest stroller in the Fendi store, which cost an arm and a leg.

In London I went to Oxford St & Piccadilly circus, Brixton . I will do a post of some of the fashions out.

Nu Kynk said...

you are sooo lucky... I hope you are enjoying your vacay. Talk soon:)


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