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March 3, 2009

Lil Kim Rehearsing for " Dancing with Stars"


Dwana said...

OMG!!! Micheal...eer...Kim has redid everything including her body! I'm not hating, I feel bad for her because for some people that mess can become addictive. Everything on her face was reshaped, boobs, and butt implants. From the neck down, great job. I'm concerned about upstairs.
She also sounds A LOT different than I'm accustom to.
However, it's good to see her back.

Ebony Intuition said...

She does sound a lot different. I always thought that Lil Kim was gorgeous prior to all the surgery, hopefully she won't do anymore.

Dwana said...

At this point I think it's an addiction. No matter what we see she'd see a distorted person.
I thought she was pretty before as well. All it (this addiction) takes is a small hit (botox) and the rest is history. You see what happened to MJ. No matter how MESSED up he looks, he sees himself as needing just "one more" tweak. I was surprised that she bleached her skin.

As far as how she sounds...thinking back to her prior interviews in made me wonder which Kim is Kim. I'm thinking "yeah what what, ya got it doing on what what") if the real Kim. T?his Kim is thirsty and working for that check by the gen pop viewers. My neighbor would watch this show before I did. You dig?

Dwana said...

Excuse the typos. All the ifs ins and what have you missed placed. Nap time

Carib.girl said...

Did kim really bleach her skin? I've noticed that she looks a lot lighter than before *sigh*. I also thought she was attractive before...please kim stop!!!


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