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May 19, 2010

White House State Dinner with Mexican President Felipe Calderon

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcome Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife Margarita Zavala to the White House for a state dinner May 19, 2010 in Washington, DC.

Gayle King & Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker

Mexican television personality Giselle Fernandez

Beyonce also performed at the State Dinner

President Obama and President Calderón of Mexico held a joint press availability this afternoon ahead of the State Dinner to discuss the many issues that naturally draw such close neighbors into common interest. President Obama talked about the “highest economic priority” of both nations to create jobs for their people, including clean energy jobs, and increasing competitiveness in the global economy.  He also discussed their commitment to common security, specifically standing together against drug cartels, stating that “Mexico can count on the United States as a full partner in this effort.”  Read more here

Actor Ana Claudia Talancon

US Trade Representitive Ron Kirk with Ms. Elizabeth Kirk

Eva Longoria



Divalocity said...

Such a great event and everyone looks so nice.I swear my eyes are getting badder by the moment or is because it's late , but I thought Eva Longoria was Kim Kardashian for a moment.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Lol she does look like her at first glance.

Anonymous said...

Did Eva Longoria and Gayle King wear the same dress?

Beauty Is Diverse said...

It looks very similar but I don't think it's the same dress.


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