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February 24, 2010

Vogue Italia Launches Vogue Curvy & Vogue Black

Today Vogue Italia launched Vogue Curvy {Available in English and in Italian, this is a glamourous addition to the plus size fashion sceneVOGUE CURVY gathers contents from VOGUE Italia, international editions of VOGUE and daily fashion tips. The site offers great pictures and videos, as well as contributions from respected plus size bloggers like Gaby from Chicago, USA (Young, Fat, and Fabulous) and Sakina from Paris, }. Now before people start ranting and screaming saying "where are the curvy women of colour" because in all honesty I don't want to hear it . While browsing their website I came across Vogue Black and they interviewed Tyra Banks here's an excerpt of her interview below.

"The challenge and determination to achieve success and transform herself from feline beauty to media mogul (her company is called Banksable, a delightful play on words) is what marked each step of her brilliant career. "I created my Tyra Banks Show because I wanted to reach a young audience and discuss issues that were important for them."

The program covers a variety of topics, even sensitive ones such as alcoholism, anorexia, and crazy diets. It welcomes ordinary folks and famous people such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Now the time has come for Tyra to make yet another change in her life. On May 28th, her T.B.S. will come to an end. "I've had great satisfactions, and winning two Emmys meant a lot to me. Today, however, I feel the need to speak to a global audience, which is why I launched an online magazine in September called Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out: we are in the process of restyling it, together with my website where it is hosted. I also launched my new B.I.O. Campaign to expand on other channels - music, TV, and film, besides fashion - a new definition of beauty." read more here

View photos of Tyra Banks photographed by Francesco Carrozzini for l'Uomo Vogue

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Anonymous said...

Interesting.. I'll be browsing through their website.It's nice to see something different. I love diversity. :)


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