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February 19, 2010

It's My Time - Benetton Global Casting Competition

United Colours of Benetton is currently holding a global competition in search of new faces for their ad campaigns.  All you have to do is visit their site here sign up and upload a picture of yourself.  Voting ends March 16th and winners will be announced on March 18th .


Fly Girl said...

I actually considered entering this contest but when I saw how time consuming it is to get votes, I decided not to. There are some interesting contestants, though.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

You would have to promote yourself a lot to get plenty of votes.

Anonymous said...

has anyone gone for it?
show us your link then we can have a look and vote for you..
it's actually quite good fun looking at the contestants..interesting some of them are indeed.

Kat May said...

Just to let you know that the competition has now closed but the site is still live and definitely worth checking out.
1000's of creative individuals from around the globe have been bought together and stay as a community of voices, opinions and styles so check it and stay tuned.



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