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December 4, 2009

Teaching Teens To Be Entrepreneurs.

"In a sleek, light-filled conference room at the world headquarters of Goldman Sachs, 20 young entrepreneurs prepare to make the most 0824_siege_250x123.jpgimportant presentations of their professional lives. The early morning meeting is the culmination of months of work. "

"These would-be entrepreneurs are not tech whiz kids or new M.B.A.s. They are high school girls, most of them Latina or African-American, from distressed communities that are far removed from the upper reaches of the corporate world. To make it to this room on Wall Street, the girls had to beat out teams from around the country by designing the best plans for starting a company. The four winning teams were awarded a free trip to New York City in July to participate in a one-week crash course in capitalism: Girls Inc. Corporate Camp for Entrepreneurs." click here to read full article.



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SamanthaClarke said...

This is an amazing opportunity for them! Great post!!

cody said...

great post!! such a nice blog.


thwany said...

yay for these future ceo's

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to these young ladies, and I hope they become the best business women in their chosen fields.


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