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December 31, 2009

My Favorite Blogs of 2009

I have many many more favorites click here to see all the blogs I follow


Anonymous said...

Oh can you possibly follow all of those blogs!! That's incredible.

I'll have to check them out when I have time this weekend.

Eternally Fixated said...

wow thats alot of blogs to follow!! Glad we are one of them :)

Make sure to check out our Top 10 fixated moments of 2009 post!!

<3 Ladies of Eternally Fixated

Fly Girl said...

Tiffany, thats so much for the love! You know Ebony Intuition was one of the first blogs I followed and continues to be one of my faves!

Tiffany said...

@ Fly Girl- Your welcome and thanks .

Ms. King said...

Great Post!!

Happy New Year!!

{ Harlem Loves... } said...

Awww thank you lovely, I really appreciate that. You're a cherished reader and a great blogger too. Happy New Year to you.

H x

Divalocity said...

Thanks Tiffany for adding me as one of your favorites, I'm completely honored. I love your blogs also and I'm also a follower because you enlighten your readers by showing them the often ignored people of the DIASPORA.

I wish many more people would find your blog and realise that we are more than just entertainers, but are also great people and they can find out about their history too, one in which so many people lack.

I want to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! It was fine in'll be even better in 2010!

Tiffany said...

@ Harlem Loves @ Divalocity- Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Tiffany! Thanks so much for the mention. I know I'm kind of late on this, but THANK YOU.


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