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December 13, 2009

Arise Wins Magazine Launch of The Year

Congrats to Arise Magazine they are one of my favorite magazines of the moment. source

Arise Magazine is available at Chapters {Canada}


Olivia said...

I am really feeling this magazine & I would like to get my hands on a copy. I'll have to check the local Barnes & Noble or I'll have to check the NYC for it. Very cool!

Divalocity said...

And they should because American magazines just don't do it for me anymore. I can only tolerate a celebrity so much and I want to see and read about real people. The only problem that I have with them and other international magazines is obtaining a subscription. They are having serious problems in getting that off the ground.

Tiffany said...

@Olivia-When I was in Buffalo about a week ago, I can't recall if it was there but check and see.

@ Divalocity- Yes obtaining a subscription is a bit hard with intl magazines.

If you go to and click subscribe, there is a form you can fill out.


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