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December 21, 2009

Angel Falls bedevils Chavez, who wants name changed

The world's tallest waterfall -- Angel Falls in southern Venezuela -- should be stripped of the name by which it is widely known in favor of its indigenous one, President Hugo Chavezsaid.

The falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were spotted by US pilotJimmy Angel in 1937, bringing international attention to what has become one of Venezuela's top tourist attractions, though it is in remote Bolivar state.

"How could we accept this idea that the falls were discovered by a guy who came from the United States in a plane. If we do that, that would be like accepting that nobody was living here," Chavez mused on his weekly radio and television show, "Hello Mr President."

"Nobody should speak of Angel Falls any more," Chavez said. "That is ours, and was a long time before Angelever got there."

In indigenous Pemon, the falls are called Kerepakupai meru, meaning "waterfall of the deepest place."

Chavez is a fan of name changes. read more here

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