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September 10, 2009

Toronto International Film Festival Kicks Off Tonight

The Toronto International Film Festival ranks among the most prestigious international film festivals in the world. For ten days, film lovers, filmmakers, industry professionals and media watch the best in new cinema from established masters and new talent.

The Toronto International Film Festival...

  • Presents one of the world's largest annual showcases of Canadian film with the Canada First!, Short Cuts Canada and Canadian Open Vault programmes.
  • received 4,209 submissions and screened 312 films (2008 figures).
  • has 17 programmes in which films from 64 countries are screened (2008 figures).
  • presents two public screenings of virtually every invited film and at least one screening for press and industry.
  • accredits over 1,000 international media.
  • attracts thousands of Canadian and international industry delegates.

As one of the world’s most important cultural events, the Festival consistently strives to set the standard for excellence in film programming. Audiences are exposed to the work of emerging talent and masters of the cinema craft from around the world.

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