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June 7, 2008

Where are the political voices of the young black females?

Article from Blackwomenvote

Are we doing enough to include young black women (16-24) in the political and social discourse? I fear that our 30 and 40-something generation is making the same mistake that we hold against elder black Americans -- we might be failing to engage and mentor the group of younger black women and girls coming up behind us!

What can we do to include young black women and girls at the table of political conversation?

One of the reasons that I do not allow low class behavior, profanity or 'verbal violence' on this blog is because I want a safe and healthy space for younger black girls to learn about black female issues.
But that isn't enough. We must begin to create forums that will not only lecture to younger black women, but will also allow them plenty of time to speak their minds as well. A real conversation must begin.

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