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June 22, 2008

I Love Cornrows

Side View
Top view:
I just got my hair cornrowed on Saturday, I haven't had it done in a while, but here is some history on the ancient style and art form in Africa.

Cornrow hairstyles originated in Africa a very very long time ago . The descendants of Africans who live all across the globe (fyi: blacks were in America waaay before the slave trade & ( the diaspora) have created new and innovative styles to the practice. Just like African art and architecture , cornrow hairstyles show the use of four geometric concepts: translations, rotation, reflection, and dilation.
"Hieroglyphs and sculptures dating back thousands of years illustrate the attention Africans have paid to their hair. Braids were etched into the back of the head of the majestic sphinx."

Cornrow hairstyles in Africa also cover a wide social terrain: religion, kinship, status, age, ethnicity, and other attributes of identity can all be expressed in hairstyle. Just as important is the act of braiding, which transmits cultural values between generations, expresses bonds between friends, and establishes the role of professional practitioner.Source


glennisha said...

Thats the one thing that I do miss is getting my hair french braided. Once my locks are long enough I'll be able to again and I can't wait.

Renee said...

If I didn't wear my hair in dreadlocks corn rows is the only other style that I would consider. It also reminds me of women bonding together. I remember hours sitting at the ground while my mother did my hair for the week

Ebony Intuition said...

Yea I love the bonding while getting my hair done, only one person has been braiding my hair for the past 8 years , a friend of mine who i grew up with, were like sisters. said...

Hey there Ebony!! {waves}

Your cornrows look smashing!

Whoever did them for you did a fantastic job with your hair!

{thumbs up}

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Ebony Intuition said...



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