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June 12, 2008

Tiffany Tucker: Young People Who Rock

Tiffany believes everyone in her community in Brooklyn, New York, including herself, deserves the chance to be saved or rescued. Tucker, 25, was raised by a single mom, and she knows that New York City’s streets can be mean. But she didn’t let them swallow her, and if it’s up to her, no other young person will be swallowed, either.

Redemption promotes self-esteem and leadership skills for kids 13 to 19 years old. Tucker’s program has offered more than 3,000 urban kids and teens life skills workshops, college coaching and one-on-one counseling. According to Tucker, her open-door policy has led to a huge success rate: 85 percent of students in the mentorship program have graduated from high school and signed up for higher education. source

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Wes said...

Thanx for this info... I've been looking for a youth organization.


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