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May 20, 2009

Kimberly Jade Norwood

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Professor of Law and Professor of African & African American Studies.
After graduation from law school Professor Norwood was a judicial clerk for the Honorable Clifford Scott Green in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Thereafter Professor Norwood joined the St. Louis law firm of Bryan, Cave, McPheeters, & McRoberts where she practiced law in the litigation department.

Her recent articles include "Adult Complicity in the Dis-Education of the Black Male High School Athlete and Societal Failures to Remedy His Plight,” 34 (1) ThurMar L.Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2008-2009), "Blackthink's™ "Acting White" Stigma in Education & How It Fosters Academic Paralysis in Black Youth," 50(3) How L.J. 711(2006-2007), [view article], "The Virulence of Blackthink™ and How Its Threat of Ostracism Shackles Those Deemed Not Black Enough," 93 Kentucky Law Journal 144 (2005) [view article]. source

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Fly Girl said...

Well she's addressing issues that have been plaguing us for decades. Glad to know that a woman is doing the research that's needed to tackle these problems.

Ebony Intuition said...

Here are articles are very good, and everyone should take the time to read them.

Divalocity said...

I must read her work. To argue that there is an education gap makes no sense when the first act of improving it lies within ourselves. People have excelled even when their schools had nothing. Money is not the issue, it's the mind-set of some people that is the issue.


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