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May 4, 2009

Black Up | Paris

At blackUp, we believe that every woman deserves qualitative products that respect her needs and requirements. We work with renowned research laboratories and manufacturers to give you the best cosmetics ever.

Our mission: offer you a large choice of innovating products and a high end quality of service.

Created in 1999 by professional make-up-artist Fabrice Mahabo to express his passion for colours and textures, blackUp is the first make-up-artist brand dedicated to women of African descent.

Fabrice Mahabo ,b September 26,1973, is an artistic director from Ivory Coast.

He started out at the age of twenty-six. With his diploma from the Christian Chauveau school of artistic make-up in Paris, he persuaded an investor to back his project.source


Fly Girl said...

I love it! Leave it to an Ivorian to add some style and substance to the black French make-up scene!

Ebony Intuition said...


TheVoiceOfReason said...

I'm soo peeved that they don't sell this in America! It's about time we have a luxury brand for black women.

Anonymous said...

But it sad to know that he was fired from his own company by his white associate


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