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December 1, 2008

My 2nd Year Anniversary of Owning a Home

2 years ago today I received the keys to my own home. It took 2 years a lot of budgeting and discipline to not spend any money so that I could save for a downpayment. Then I looked at about 8 condos in total before making my final choice and placing an offer. The rest is history.

To date I still have not fully decorated my place, I've kept it very simple, but that will change after this winter. I want to upgrade and put in hardwood or laminate flooring, so I can have a nice colourful rug. Upgrade my counter tops to marble and change the colour of my cabit doors to a darker wood.

Below are some tips on purchasing a home.

Buying my first home

Renewing my mortgage




Unknown said...

oh congratulations it must be so rewarding...what a wonderful feeling. i can't wait 'till the day...but i still don't know where i want to be in the next few years so i don't see home ownership happening for another few years. your planned upgrades sound fantastic!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

thanks kay

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



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