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December 3, 2008

M.I.A ON Spin Magazine

M.I.A. is pregnant. And not just with revolutionary ideas for her next record. The British-Sri Lankan vocalist/visual artist/producer/record-label founder/clothing designer, born Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam, is due to give birth in February, and despite what you may have read online, it's not Kanye's baby. (Daddy is indie-rock guitarist Benjamin Brewer, son of Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr.) As for the sex of the child? She's pretty sure she knows, because, well, a clairvoyant bird told her. "In India, they have these parrots who tell your fortune," says M.I.A., lowering herself into a folding chair at the spartan home studio of her Los Angeles–based production partner Switch. She's in town to do some work on her next record and hear a new Jay-Z remix of her track "Boyz." "They come and pick up cards for you. The guy who read my cards said, 'When you were born, your parents thought you'd be a boy, so you came out with a lot of male energy. You can do a lot of things that men can do. You're brave, like a dude.' There's a lot of male energy in me that needs to be exorcised, that's how I know it's gonna be a boy." continue reading here


Claire said...

Congrats to mia, she looks great.

Anonymous said...

MIA looks great


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