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September 10, 2008

A video I had to share: I am not Latino nor Hispanic. I want my racial and cultural identity to be respected

Blessings to the young man in this video speaking the truth , "KNOW THY SELF", I know what I am do you know who you really are ???

My culture and heritage is more than what Europeans try to enforce , just like the young man in the video is talking about.

Source: My sister from another mother ▲Ayira El Bey▲


Ashley Alexis McFarlane said...

Such an informative post! Once again. Blogspot's finest.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Thanks Ashley

Anonymous said...

Really great video

Anonymous said...

Great info indeed

qc.carlos said...

Thank you Ebony for posting my video, and thanks everyone for your comments.

Are you ready for Obama? Lets get out and vote!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

No problem Carlos.


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