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September 6, 2008

Prayer for the Wombniverse

I call upon the Divine Creator to protect my womb and the wombs of our daughters. Heal our wombs from all wickedness. From this day forward we must speak up for and guard our wombs with all our inner power as we call on the ancient Afrakan spirit of Meshkenet, Afrakan Guardian Angel of the Sacred Womb. I call upon the Afrakan spirit of Maat, for womb balance and wellness. I call upon the spirit Het-Hru within me , to demonstrate divine love of my womb and absolute harmony. I call upon the spirit of Tehuti within me, so that I may make wise decisions on behalf of my womb's restoration. I call upon Ast, the great Afrakan Mother spirit within me, to inspire the continuous nurturing of my saced womb. I affirm that all abuse and desecration of the womb are to be no more. My womb speaks and commands peace upon the earth and throughout the " wombniverse" Through the healing of my womb all wars shall cease. Through the healing of my womb all men and wombmen shall be at peace. Earth Mother, because of the peace within my womb, tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, floods and earthquakes shall cease. According to my womb there will be peace, for it is my womb that is the spiritual coordinator of all activity on this sacred earth and all the wolrds within the wombniverse. Women, guard your womb and guard it well, so wickedness will no longer exist.

According to my womb, PEACE!!!

By: Queen Afua

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