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September 30, 2008

Original Names of Caribbean Countries

Present Island Name : Anguilla

Indigenous Name :Malliouhana

Origin :Arawak

Meaning: Arrow-Shaped Sea Serpent

Present Island Name: St Martin

Indigenous Name: Soualiga Oualichi

Origin: Arawak

Meaning: Land of Salt

Present Island Name: St. Barths

Indigenous Name: Ouanalao

Origin: Arawak

Present Island Name: Saba

Indigenous Name: Siba Amonhana

Origin: Arawak

Meaning: The Rock

Present Island Name: St. Eustatius

Indigenous Name: Aloi

Origin: Arawak

Meaning: Cashew Tree

Present Island Name: Saint Kitts

Indigenous Name: Liamuiga

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Fertile Land

Present Island Name: Nevis

Indigenous Name: Oualie

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Land of Beautiful Water

Present Island Name: Montserrat

Indigenous Name: Alliouagana

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Land of Prickly Bush

Present Island Name:

Indigenous Name: Wa'omoni

Origin: Kalinago

Present Island Name: Antigua

Indigenous Name: Wadadli

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Land of Fish Oil

Redonda: is a very small, uninhabited Caribbean island or islet which is politically a part of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, in the Leeward Islands, West Indies.

Present Island Name: Guadeloupe

Indigenous Meaning: Kalaoucera

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Island of Beautiful Waters

Present Island Name: Marie Galante

Indigenous Name: Aichi/Touloukaera

Marie-Galante is an island of the Caribbean Sea located in the Guadeloupean archipelago. Marie-Galante is constitutionally part of France, as Guadeloupe is an overseas région and département.

Present Island Name: Dominica

Indigenous Name: Wai'tukubuli

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Tall is her body

Present Island Name: Martinique

Indigenous Name: Madinina

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Land of Flowers

Present Island Name: St. Lucia

Indigenous Name: Hiwanarau, Hewanorra

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Land of the Iguana

Present Island Name: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Indigenous Name: Hairoun

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Island of the Clouds

Present Island Name: Barbados

Indigenous Name: Ichirouganaim

Origin: Arawak

Meaning: Unknown

Present Island Name: Trinidad and Tobago

Indigenous Name: Kairi, Lele

Origin: Kalinago

Meaning: Land of the hummingbird

Present Island Name: Jamaica

Indigenous Name: Xaymaca

Origin: Arawak, Taíno

Meaning: Land of Wood and Water", or the "Land of Springs"

Present Island Name" Cuba

Indigenous Name:Cubanacan, Coabana

Origin: Taino

Meaning: "where fertile land is abundant" ,
"great place"

Present Island Name: Haiti

Indigenous Name: Aytí

Origin: Taino

Meaning: "Mountainous Land"

Present Island Name: Dominican Republic

Indigenous Name: Kiskeya or Quisqueya

Origin: Taino

Meaning: "highest land"

Present Island Name: Puerto Rico

Indigenous Name: Borinquen, from Borikén

Origin: Taino

Meaning:Great land of the valient noble lord


Anonymous said...

This is really good stuff Tiffany. You always post good stuff to educate. Keep it up. I love it!

Jevi said...

Very cool love the blog

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Great info

Arynj Planet said...

What about the US Virgin Islands - specifically St. Croix? Ay Ay


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