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July 16, 2008

Black Woman Hit By Car Targeted

A woman riding her bike in Daytona Beach Monday night was hit by car driven by a man targeting African Americans, police said.Police believe Nekedia Cato, a 25-year-old African American woman, was hit by Thomas Cosby, of Port Orange. Police said Cosby, 56, slammed into Cato, took out a nearby porch, hit a tree and then rolled three times."He just hit me because I was black," Cato said.Cato was riding her bike home from the store on South Atlantic Avenue."I actually saw him coming toward me. I tried to move my bike as fast as I [could], but it wasn’t quick enough. He came straight for me," Cato said.Police reported that after Cosby crashed, he got out of his car, screaming racist remarks. Cosby repeatedly used the N-word and shouted he wanted to kill black people, authorities said."He was screaming out he had to kill all black people because one slept with his wife," Cato said.Cato recently moved to the Daytona Beach area with her boyfriend, D."If he could target me just because of the color of my skin, he could target anybody else," Cato said. source

1 comment:

Urbancurlz said...

I can't believe that story. That man should be prosecuted for a hate crime. That is absolutely awful.


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