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February 6, 2008

Banished: America's Racial Cleansing

"Banished" investigates America's racial cleansing, a little-known chapter in history in which towns forced their entire African American populations to leave. The film takes a contemporary look at the legacy of this phenomenon, visiting three towns, still all-white to this day, and asking the question - What is to be done about past racial injustice? In Forsyth County, Georgia, where 1000 people were banished, we explore the question of land fraudulently taken, following some descendants in their quest to uncover the real story of their family's land. In Pierce City, Missouri we meet a man who has designed his own creative form of reparation, an effort to disinter the remains of his great-grandfather who was buried there before the banishment. And in Harrison, Arkansas, we witness a white community as they struggle with their town's legacy of hate.

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Kevin said...

Very interesting, thanks for the video clip


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