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February 3, 2008

10 Point Path To a Better Life

1. Trace your Ancestry - There's power in knowing and making that connection to our ancestral home. They need us and we need them.

2. Embrace spirituality - Not talking religion here, that's an individual thing. I am talking about understanding the nature of the universe, your place in it and how what you do ultimately affects you and those around you.

3. Give Back - Do something for someone other than yourself, plain and simple. In this case, I'd exclude your immediate family and friends.

4. Go to Africa - We can all benefit from understanding another culture, why not find out about our birthplace.

5. Get an Education - Learn something…anything, a trade, a new skill. Turn off the tv and read, read and read some more.

6. Find your passion - If you think deeply (and you should do this often), you will find that one thing you are truly passionate about. This shouldn't be your kids or spouse either, but something wholly yours. Find it and do it.

7. Support black owned businesses - I'd prefer we reduce our spending overall, but when you do spend, lets make a concerted effort to recycle those dollars in our communities. It's called self sufficiency.

8. Develop and Nurture relationships - Our personal relationships - friends, family, mates, children need deserve as much as not more attention as much work as you put into your job. If done correctly, these relationships will be the cornerstones of your life, treat them as such.

9. Invest in real estate and the stock market - You will not have enough money for retirement or anything else by socking it away in a savings account. Take the time to understand the basics of the stock market. Visit, Motley Fool, Kiplingers and others. We must remove the ignorant stigma among us that says we'll lose all our money if we invest it.

10. Pool resources and Form partnerships - Start an investment club, work with other businesses on co/cross promotions. Though your success depends largely on you, no one succeeds without a little (or a lot) of help.


Myles Creative Media said...

Every progressive community has sturdy foundation principles upon which it rests and thrives on. And these 10 Point Path are some of the necessary ingredients for success in our lives, individually as well as collectively. A community is made up of individuals, and if the way of life which the individuals practice are progressive and successful, so will the community.

Anonymous said...

This is a great list to make changes in ones life..

point # 1 is very important also..


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