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October 23, 2009

Mary J Blige Center for Women Opening

FFAWN created a women's center that offers a broad range of services to Yonkers women of all ages to provide them with a second chance, no matter what cards they've been dealt in life, and to help them lead confident, independent, full, and healthy lives. The Center will also provide a safe haven for women to seek services, engage in beneficial activities and programs, and fell comfortable confronting the changes in their daily lives.

The Mary J. Blige Center for Women will be located just off South Broadway in southwest Yonkers, easily accessible by public transportation. source

Picture source:concreteloop


Fly Girl said...

I'm so impressed with Mary. She took the struggles that she had growing up in Yonkers and turned them into an avenue to help other women. So admirable.

Renee Forde said...

Love mary j blige for life!


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