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July 25, 2009

Quote of The Day

“Begin to consciously break your agreement with the mediocrity present in the tyranny of trends. No longer consider trendsetters as people who are to be admired or imitated. Break free from the hold of what society tells us we should be like. Be drawn into the presence of those who exemplify the next level of human evolution—a spiritual teacher or spiritual community. Each of us has arrived on planet Earth to behold, to participate in the adventure of exploring the truth that we are enlightened beings having a human incarnation.” Unknown

1 comment:

CiCiWryter said...

E.I.--this is a great quote as we are constantly bombarded with the 'group-think' mentality which claims to 'normalize' people but, IMO, actually does more harm than good and surely has killed a dream or two. Thanks for sharing.


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