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September 23, 2008

Fabienne Colas Foundation

The Fabienne Colas Foundation plays an important role in the promotion of Haitian cinema, art and culture around the world. One of its objectives is to become a major source of funding for cultural organizations and production companies striving to promote Haitian cinema.

Fabienne Colas works tirelessly and passionately to support and promote Haitian cinema around the globe. This great passion is the cornerstone of the Fabienne Colas Foundation.

Considered the most popular female actress in Haitian cinema, Ms. Colas is a woman of many talents: actress, scriptwriter, Founding President of the Fabienne Colas Foundation and an active member of a production company. In 2003, she was awarded the Ticket d’Or (Golden Ticket) in Haiti for best actress for her role in the film Barikad (directed by Richard Sénécal) and was also nominated for this same role at the Haitian Entertainment Awards in Florida. Since her arrival in Quebec, Canada, she has appeared on both the big and the small screen (Watatatow, l’Auberge du chien Noir and Comment Conquérir l’Amérique en une nuit). Fabienne is also an active member of both the UDA (Union des Artistes) and the ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists).

Ms. Colas started out as a model and was crowned Miss Haiti in 2000. She has represented Haiti in numerous beauty contests around the world.

Fabienne is a charismatic leader with an unwavering perseverance and drive that lets her achieve anything she sets her mind to. Once she gets going, nothing can stop her.


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